Matching PJs for all!

Merry Christmas and happy new year! Christmas 2019 is officially in the books and was, as it usually is here in Bermuda, nice and relaxed. The lead up to Christmas seemed slower than usual somehow, it could have been the fact that we had our tree up a little early this year (23rd of November!)…? The trees they ship in are quite hearty, however – it’s shedding a few needles now, over a month since bring it home – but still green and smelling good!

Familiar traditions were of course the name of the game again this year. Our ‘tree hunt’ at Aberfeldy nursery, kids’ Christmas party at Jenn’s office, fancy advent calendars, and that silly Elf on the Shelf came to visit us – up to his usual tricks. Both our offices had fancy dinner parties – same weekend, Friday at Fourways and Saturday at the Loren – so we had fun playing dress up for a few days in a row!

Jenn’s folks decided to come and spend Christmas with us this year, a nice change from the norm. They arrived a few days before Christmas and left before new years; we kept them busy during their stay! On top of building a few puzzles, we sang Christmas carols and had mulled wine at Tucker’s Point, made glass ornaments in Dockyard, and they helped us escape from a room!

Sandy the Sandman

Unfortunately the weather on Christmas day was less than ideal, it was threatening rain and was fairly windy and cool – not at all the norm we’d come to know in all our Christmases on the island! We did want to make our traditional sand snowman (Jenn and Ryley actually took a sandcastle building course in November in preparation!), so we “bundled up” and went to Horseshoe Bay beach for a few hours. We had to burn up some time before we picked up our usual take-out Southampton hotel turkey dinner! Ultimately the weather was just fine and everyone had a wonderful day.

After Grandma & Grandpa Boys flew back to frosty Alberta, it was a few more days of ‘camp Dad’ (my office was closed for the holidays) before we rang in the new year with our usual ‘gang’. To ensure everyone was fully awake and excited for the countdown we watched a re-run of London’s countdown (and Singapore, Sydney, and other cities further east) at about 9pm time, before leaving Suzy to clean up a huge confetti mess! 😉

Finally, Ryley and Jenn started the new year off right the next morning with a ‘polar plunge’ at Tucker’s Point beach. Josh and I were too lazy to brave the ‘freezing’ 19.8C / 67.6F water…!

Trust everyone had a safe and happy new year, here’s looking forward to a great 2020!