Our Timeline

May 15, '21

Active cases continue to decrease!

Vaccinations: 53.9% (1 dose), 47.7% (2 doses) – 65,497 doses administered.

Cases on Island: 184 active (2,250 recovered, 32 deaths, 2,466 total).

May 13, '21

CDC Update

The US CDC has updated their health recommendations for fully vaccinated people. The main takeaway is they state that fully vaxed people need not wear masks or socially distance in any setting – of course this is subject to laws or regulations in the any specific area.

Full summary here.

May 9, '21

Progress to ‘Phase 2’

Some new regulations come into effect today (Phase ‘2’ reopening); the stay-at-home order has effectively ended. Schools re-opened to in-person classes, and we are allowed to go back to work in the office (it is ‘recommended’ to stay at home, however not ‘required’)… so we’re going back! Curfew changed to 10pm-5am, large gatherings allowed (10 ppl), stores (retail / grocery) back open to customers at 20% capacity, grocery stores no longer need to adhere to the alphabet system. Restaurants ok to have outdoor dining (6ppl / table), same for bars & clubs. Gyms ok to re-open (maintain 10ft social distance & fully masked), salons & barber shops are ok with masks on.

Vaccinations: 53% (1 dose), 44% (two doses), total 62,161 given.

Cases on Island: 250 active (2,170 recovered, 31 deaths, 2,451 total).

May 1, '21

Active Cases Dropping

The number of active cases on the island is showing a positive trend as daily positive numbers are consistently much lower than a month ago. There has been a small spike in deaths (29th reported today), however, as the number of active cases steadily declines.

Vaccinations: 51% (one dose), 39% (two doses).

Cases on Island: 545 active (1,819 recovered, 29 deaths, 2,393 total).

April 24, '21

Vaccinations going strong

To date, 50% of the island’s population has has 1 dose and 37% have had two doses – 55,319 vaccinations have been doled out.

April 20, '21

Updated Regulations

Few updates to the stay-at-home regulations: parks / beaches / trails open, stores & restaurants can operate (curbside pickup only), construction projects can resume. Curfew updated to be 8pm-6am.

Cases on Island: 893 active (1,313 recovered, 20 deaths, 2,226 total).

April 15, '21

Cases on Island: 866 active (1,141 recovered, 16 deaths, 2,023 total).

April 13, '21


With active cases continuing to skyrocket, it came as no surprise when it was announced that a ‘stay-at-home’ order would be in effect starting 5am today. Residents are allowed to leave the house to go to the doctor, collect prescriptions, get a Covid test or receive a Covid vaccine. Also allowed is one hour of exercise (not in any public parks or railway trails) within 1km of your home between the hours of 7am – 7pm.

Among other essential services, grocery stores will remain open but be available only certain days by last name (back to Wednesday and Saturday shopping for us).

Breaching the orders will cost you $6,000 for the first offense, $10K / jail for 2nd.

Cases on Island: 859 active (1,037 recovered, 16 deaths, 1,912 total).

April 10, '21

Two additional deaths added to the total today, making 16. 28 people are currently in hospital.

April 4, '21

Two Deaths

Sadly, two deaths were reported today, bringing the total to 14 since the pandemic began.

The U.S. CDC has also reverted Bermuda’s classification back to a ‘Level 4’ (travelers should avoid travel to Bermuda).

April 1, '21

the Trend Continues

Another few days of big numbers: 108 positives reported on Mar. 29th (new record), then 21, 60, and 75 today. Notably, of the 537 active cases, merely 5 are in hospital at this point.

The WHO has changed Bermuda’s classification to ‘Community Transmission’.

Cases on Island: 537 active (743 recovered, 12 deaths, 1292 total). 41,150 vaccinations completed to date; 37% (single dose) & 27% (two doses).

March 28, '21

Increased restrictions, again

No surprise, after a record-setting week in new cases, increased restrictions were announced today. Gyms, theatres, museums, and churches are closed, retail stores restricted to 20% capacity, and indoor dining is prohibited (hotels are ok but restricted to hotel guests only).

Where possible it is also mandatory to work from home, and schools are closed to in-person classes (kids will remote learn for a day leading into the Easter break next week).

Notably many new cases are school-age children.

March 27, '21

Not a great week

81 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed as the largest single-day positive case total since the pandemic began. This after a week of big numbers: 41 reported on Monday, 10 Tuesday, then 40, 34, 33 the rest of the work week, capped off with 81 today.

Cases on Island: 294 active (722 recovered, 12 deaths, 1028 total). 37,790 vaccinations completed to date; 35% (single dose) & 24% (two doses).

March 27, '21

First Dose

Ryan gets the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, Jenn receives hers a few days later on March 30th!

March 24, '21

Warwick Academy breached

The first case of Covid-19 within the walls of Warwick Academy was reported today; kids in years 7-13 are ordered to stay at home for the remainder of the week, primary ok to remain in the school.


March 21, '21

Cases surging, more restrictions

Due to a surge in new cases on the island, curfew is being modified to be from 11pm – 5am, permitted gathering size reduced back to 10 people. Bars return to serving only outdoors (table service only), max. 6 people per table, restaurants also max 6 per table.

March 15, '21

United States CDC upgrades health notice classification for Bermuda to ‘Level 2’ (moderate level of Covid-19).

Cases on Island: 29 active (699 recovered, 12 deaths, 740 total). 29,705 vaccinations completed to date; 29% (single dose) & 18% (two doses).

March 3, '21

Curfew Reinstated

Citing an outbreak of the UK strain, curfew of 12 – 5am is reimplemented, businesses are to close at 11pm once again.

March 1, '21

Not out of the woods yet

Notable rise in cases since mid-February, upsetting the positive trend in previous weeks. United Stated CDC upgrades Bermuda’s health notice classification to ‘Level 3’ (high level of Covid-19).

Cases on Island: 19 active (682 recovered, 12 deaths, 713 total). 20,705 vaccinations completed to date; 21% (single dose) & 11% (two doses).

February 18, '21

Covid Regulations Update

Curfew lifted, businesses can stay open beyond 11pm (bars until 12pm only). Table size in restaurants is 10 people, max. group of 25 people in private or public setting. Outdoor funerals can have up to 50 people, indoors can be up to 25% capacity of venue.

February 15, '21

Vaccination center at the Bermuda College opens to allow longer hours & more vaccinations.

Cases on Island: 695 total (679 recovered, 12 deaths, 4 active).

February 1, '21

Nearly 5,000 people in Bermuda have now been vaccinated.

Cases on Island: 692 total (668 recovered, 12 deaths, 12 active).

January 21, '21

Covid Regulations Update

Group gatherings increased from 10 to 25 people, bars are able to re-open for table service only (max 6 per table). Curfew remains in place from 12am-5am, businesses to close at 11pm.

Bermuda’s official status is now ‘sporadic cases’ according to the Pan American Health Organization.

January 15, '21

Bermuda’s numbers are in steady decline now, while the death toll around the world has reached 2 million deaths & 93 million cases.

Residents can register their interest in receiving the vaccine via the government website; we registered today.

Cases on Island: 670 total (583 recovered, 12 deaths, 75 active).

January 11, '21

Vaccinations Begin

The first vaccinations are given today in Bermuda. Seniors, hospital staff, and the Premier are among the first to recieve the vaccine.

There have been over nearly 151,000 tests completed in Bermuda as of today.

January 7, '21

12th Death, Restrictions Relaxed

Government has marginally reduced restrictions; curfew will be from midnight until 5am, businesses are required to close at 11pm, personal care services that require masks to be removed are allowed, gyms, physical distancing requirements will be reduced from ten feet to six feet and outdoor funeral will be increased from ten to 20.

Today Bermuda also recorded it’s 12th death related to COVID-19.

January 5, '21

11th Death on Island

Bermuda records it’s 11th death related to COVID-19.

January 2, '21

Cases on Island: 622 total (478 recovered, 10 deaths, 134 active).

December 26, '20

10th Death on Island

Bermuda records it’s 10th death related to COVID-19.

December 22, '20

Active cases on the island reach highest level to date before starting to slowly recede.

Cases on Island: 553 total (291 recovered, 9 deaths, 253 active).

December 17, '20

Restrictions Extended

Government announced that curfew (11pm-5am) will be extended an additional 2 weeks into January. Groups still restricted to 10 people and businesses still to close by 10pm.

Cases on Island: 497 total (261 recovered, 9 deaths, 227 active).

December 15, '20

Cases on Island: 456 total (247 recovered, 9 deaths, 200 active).

December 11, '20

US Approves Vaccine

The United States FDA approves the use of Pfizer–BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine.

December 11, '20

Restrictions Re-Implemented

Cases have increased rapidly in the last few weeks, resulting in new restrictions on the public to be implemented Dec. 12, including a curfew from 11pm – 6am, all businesses to close by 10pm, groups reduced to 10 people, arrival tests at airport are $300 if no pre-test has been completed, and mixing of homes is not recommended for the next 14 days.

Quarantines from positive cases in the last few weeks have resulted in bus service being halted, sports to be cancelled, and schools closed (public schools moved to remote learning on Dec. 7th).

Cases on Island: 391 total (233 recovered, 9 deaths, 149 active).

December 10, '20

Canada Approves Vaccine

Health Canada approves the use of Pfizer–BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine; the first batch is scheduled to arrive this month.

December 8, '20

New Travel Regulations

Travelers arriving in Bermuda now have to wear a wristband given upon arrival. You can still opt to fully quarantine for 14 days if no wristband is desired.

With a negative pre-arrival test and arrival test you are allowed to be ‘out and about’, but you cannot go to work, a bar, play sports / go to the gym, or attend ‘large’ events or indoor events. After a negative day 4 test you can dine indoors, and after a negative day 8 test you are free to go to work or a bar. Only after a negative day 14 test can you resume all activities.

If you don’t have a pre-arrival test you have to wait until a negative arrival, day 4, and day 8 test are received; then you can do everything but play sports / go to the gym or attend ‘large’ events. After a negative day 14 test you can resume all activities.

December 2, '20

Vaccine Approved in UK

The United Kingdom has become the first major nation to approve a Covid-19 vaccine, with the British Government announcing that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has been given approval for use.

December 1, '20

Government announces fines for those not wearing masks in public: $500 (first offence), $1,000 (2nd and subsequent offences).

Cases on Island: 262 total (214 recovered, 9 deaths, 39 active).

November 24, '20

Getting Worse Before Getting Better

Status of Bermuda officially changed from ‘sporadic cases’ to ‘clusters of cases’ as new cases are being announced almost daily at this point.

Cases on Island: 239 total (205 recovered, 9 deaths, 25 active).

November 1, '20

Cases on island: 199 total (176 recovered, 9 deaths, 14 active).

October 31, '20

A COVID Halloween

Neighbors collectively decide to close the neighborhood to outside trick-or-treaters. Kids who reside in ‘the loop’ are welcome to trick or treat. We make the best of it and have our usual Halloween gathering with friends.

Cases on island: 199 total (176 recovered, 9 deaths, 14 active).

October 1, '20

Cases on island: 181 total (168 recovered, 9 deaths, 4 active).

September 10, '20

Day 14 COVID tests taken (our third test) and returned with a negative result. We are all clear to resume work in our respective offices, sports activities, etc.

September 4, '20

Our day 8 COVID tests are carried out and returned with a negative result. Kids are now clear to attend school starting Monday Sept. 7th after missing the first week.

September 1, '20

Warwick Academy opens for the 2020-21 school year; Josh and Ryley are still with us in self-quarantine after traveling so have to wait to return until after a negative 8-day test result.

Cases on island: 172 total (157 recovered, 9 deaths, 6 active).

August 27, '20

Returned to Bermuda after our Canadian vacation. Arrival COVID tests at the airport returned negative within 24 hours.

August 25, '20

Travel rules amended: Incoming travelers are now required to quarantine until result of 8-day test (previously free to go after 4-day test). (Noted this was changed just days before our re-entry to the island, causing the kids to have to miss the first week of school!)

August 1, '20

Cases on island: 156 total (141 recovered, 9 deaths, 6 active).

July 25, '20

Travel rules amended: Incoming visitors without a pre-departure test must have a pre-departure test (residents are exempt). Residents without a pre-departure test must quarantine for 4 days and can be released with a negative test at this time. Day 8 and 14 tests still required.

July 23, '20

Travel to Canada

We manage to book flights and take a trip out west to see the family. Jenn and I arrange to work remotely while away and in quarantine; we end up being off-island for about 5 weeks, returning August 27th.