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Family Photos: 2019 Edition

We’re back with another installment of ‘see how we’ve changed since last year‘, brought to you by Sarah Elgersma Photography! (I’ll give you a hint: 2 people grew and 2 people shrunk.) Enjoy!

Ryley’s 10th Birthday

Well, it’s official – Ryley is now in the double digits! The big one-oh! Hard to believe, I know. Her birthday happened to be on a Saturday at the end of a week off school this year, so a Friday… Continue Reading →

Josh is 12!

This is it – the last of the ‘pre-teen’ years. Josh is 12! (And just for the record, he’s still not quite as tall as Jenn, he’s got another 5″ or so to go…!) 😉 His birthday was a Friday… Continue Reading →

Summer 2019 Pt.2: Disney Cruise!

The second week of our summer vacation this year (check our first week here) was spent on a 4-day Disney Cruise to the Bahamas, capping off with a day at Universal Studios! Departing from Port Canaveral Florida, we’d sail first… Continue Reading →

Summer 2019 Pt 1: Canada

We just can’t get enough of Canada, seems most of our vacations happen here in both winter and summer. Maybe we should move there someday… 😉 Vancouver was our first stop to hang with Wendy, Tim, & Ruby! As it… Continue Reading →

The House is Done!

Well, we did it. We built a house in Lake Country, BC – it was just completed (well, like 99%) and we love it! I had been posting pictures all the way through the build, go check out the page… Continue Reading →

ITU Triathlon Bermuda 2019

Bermuda once again played host to an ITU World Triathlon series race for the second year running. This was the second of four annual races to be held in Bermuda for the series, the race in 2021 being the Grand… Continue Reading →

Big White 2019

We were chomping at the bit to get back to our favorite mountain resort, Big White, this year, as we went through the entire year of 2018 without a visit (though we did go twice in 2017…)! The usual crew… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas: 2018 Edition

I was trying to think recently about how many Christmases we’ve spent here on the island, and I believe I have officially lost count. Bah – I can figure it out, hold on a second… ok, here we go… some… Continue Reading →

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