Look out, here she comes

Ryley Roo is 11 already! (11 going on 16 it seems somedays…! 🙂 ) Our little singing-and-dancing fool is still as lively and crazy as ever, while at the same time always happy to give a hug or snuggle. We’ll take whatever we can for now, those teen years are coming and who knows what to expect!

As mentioned in Josh’s birthday post, the COVID pandemic has made 2020 quite a crazy year to say the least – but life here in Bermuda is thankfully back to being normal-ish with the integration of masks and social distancing in most activities. She’s started year 7 at school – she’s with the ‘big kids’ now – and is adjusting to the new workload / environment fairly well. Soccer (football?) is up and running, she is on the under-11 school team and they just had their first game this past weekend. She got her wish and was able to play striker instead of her usual position as defender, she did great… I foresee a few goals in her future! Of course she’s still taking dance classes, she has two a week – modern dance and ‘street style’, she’s got the moves!

Her party this year was actually a copy of Josh’s from a few weeks earlier. He played laser tag at the Arboretum; she ended up playing with the boys and had a great time, so much so that she wanted to do the same thing with her friends for her party! Jenn booked laser tag for the week before her birthday (we had a few scheduling conflicts for her actual birthday weekend), and the girls had a blast – there were definitely a few sharp shooters in the group! It was fun to see the girls taking on what has typically been a boys’ activity and just rockin’ it. Afterwards it was back to our place for a late-afternoon ‘brunch’ (pastries and fruit) plus a decadent chocolate cake complete with a million sprinkles!

Her actual birthday was fairly low-key; she opened a few presents on the day and we kept her birthday meal tradition alive and took her out to House of India for a curry feast!

Happy 11th birthday Ryley!